Versión final del Plan ESSA del DEPR

Section 8302 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA), as amended by the
Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA),
requires the Secretary to establish procedures and criteria
under which, after consultation with the Governor, a State educational agency (SEA) may submit
a consolidated State plan designed to simplify the application requirements and reduce burden for
SEAs. ESEA section 8302 also requires the Secretary to establish the descriptions, information,
assurances, and other material required to be included in a consolidated State plan. Even though
an SEA submits only the required information in its consolidated State plan, an SEA must still
meet all ESEA requirements for each included program. In its consolidated State plan, each SEA
may, but is not required to, include supplemental information such as its overall vision for
improving outcomes for all students and its efforts to consult with and engage stakeholders when
developing its consolidated State plan.